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June 22, 2009



I keep quoting these dead white guys for a reason. We seem to be repeating some particularly nasty history, right now.


Ah, the land of the free!
You have the right to free speech as long as you speak English.


Well Tim, I am free to do whatever I would like with my vote regardless of how you feel about it. I don't want him as my President and at this point, ANYONE will do


Really Justin? I agree with this post as well, but to unquestionably vote for someone who isn't Obama, no matter who is running, is as stupid as blindly voting for Obama simply because he's a Democrat.


I am in full agreement with you and everything you wrote. He is full of EMPTY promises just to get votes.

I did NOT vote for him & am hopeful that he is voted out of office before he succeeds in making this a socialist country. I will vote for the candidate that runs against him in 2008 - no matter who it is!!!

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