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November 15, 2008



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The word protest is inherently negative. It means you're going to demonstrate AGAINST something, not FOR it.

And the passing of Proposition 8 is also inherently negative, at least to the people who believe in basic civil rights for all Americans instead of just for the majority.

Protests are necessary to effect change, if in no other way than to start changing public opinion. Call them protests, rallies, demonstrations, marches...they all add up to the same thing. If you're demonstrating FOR same sex marriage then you're also demonstrating AGAINST Prop 8 and AGAINST cherry-picking people's civil rights. Again, it's essentially the same thing.

Most people are talking about the national protests in terms of their historic significance and the generally positive effect they've had on mobilizing the community. You choose instead to focus on the negative which consists of the relatively few who chose a different tone.

I'm surprised you didn't blame the negative signage on Barney Frank.

And what it's done is give social-conservative pundits like Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity footage with which to turn their viewers against gay people.

Do you honestly believe this? Do you truly think that O'Reilly and Hannity would not simply find some other way to disparage the gay community? People like them are going to hate us not matter what we do. And when I say "us" and "we", I'm including you, not just the "ultra-leftist Manhattanites" that you so despise. And these "ultra-leftists" stuck around for the entire night to get the message out, instead of leaving in disappointment like some others.

The other Tim

While I do think that there's nothing wrong with taking a positive attitude to a rally or protest, I also don't think there was anything wrong w/ the event at the NYC Mormon temple. People need to know how big a role the Mormon church played in ending gay marriage in CA. They are a group of people with beliefs nearing Scientology levels of craziness and they want to control our lives. This message needs to be out there.


Oh and tell Jeff (GayNinja) to stop getting drunk and deleting his blog! : )


well it is a nascent protest movement I'm hopeful they'll find their way

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