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June 15, 2008



wtf, I would never go to that gym beause its all NYC yuppie gay all the time. That gym is totally gay, wtf if people are having sex there in the sauna, yeah sex in the gay gym sauna is worst than ltr people having three ways and trying to wrap themselves in the establishment, yea ok.


Welcome back, Cyd. I so enjoy reading your blog.
I think that people like Alan are who give the gay community a bad name. So many "straight" people believe that what he tries to promote, casual sex and drugs, is what all gay men and woman are like. It is sad....but true. All families should be fortunate enough to have a gay child like you. You have always been true to who you are and Alan doesn't know what he has pitted himself against!! Go, Cyd...
Love, Mom


I remember that column that you wrote and agreed with 100% of it.

He sounds like he needs to grow up.


Alan practices what the leftist gay community preaches. They're all about diversity as long as you are reading off the approved talking points and embracing their brand of diversity.

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