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June 22, 2007


Tim Wilson

I have no problem w/ the queeniest guy on the planet being the most famous gay on television. What bothers me about this whole thing is that (as I understand it) the whole premise of THE VIEW is ladies of different generations/backgrounds talking about their views on on...stuff. Having an effeminate gay man on this panel perpetuates the archaic idea that gay men are essentially women. While it doesn't surprise me that an idiot fest led by the more-senile-by-the-day Barbara Walters would be so homophobic, I am shocked that they would be that sexist.

DJ Bunny

agree. i remember this drag queen telling this story . . . during pride in sf she was all dragged out, drunk, high on e and being filmed. later, he/she found out that the video was used by a church group as an anti-gay video. now, that's the image the congregation is left with re: gays.

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