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January 02, 2007



Yes, liberals support child molesters.

That's a new low Cyd! Congrats!


Hi Cyd,

Yes, TWO TIME OSCAR WINNER and multi-zillionaire hyphenate Mel Gibson has clearly been overlooked by the vast left-wing conspiracy (VLWC) that IS the Hollywood establishment. (Although the conspiracy must not be working so well since he’s already won TWO OSCARS. Pity him. Maybe he can only find solace in his millions of dollars and castle in Malibu.)

And look at these scathing reviews of Apocalypto from the so-called “intellectuals” of the Liberal Left!

“Gibson may not be much of a deep thinker, but he’s a heck of a storyteller.” Stephen Hunter, Washington Post

“Gibson has learned to tell a tale, and to raise your pulse in the telling. You have to admire this basic gift, uncommon in Hollywood these days.” Anthony Lane, New Yorker

“Mel Gibson is always good for a surprise, and his latest is that Apocalypto is a remarkable film.” Todd McCarthy, Variety

And this, from the Worst Paper in History! (NY Times):

“Mr. Gibson’s technical command has never been surer; Apocalypto is a model of narrative economy, moving nimbly forward and telling its tale with clarity and force. It is, above all, a muscular and kinetic action movie, a drama of rescue and revenge.” A.O. Scott, New York Times.

I share your outrage that those lefties in Hollywood don’t recognize Mel’s genius (again) “because the liberal Hollywood types don't like Gibson's conservative and religious politics.” His recent observation that “the Jews are responsible for all of the wars in the world,” is clearly an extension of his “religious politics” (your phrase) and shouldn’t be held against him by the crypto-Marxist cabal that frowns on such clear-thinking.

Could it be that Dreamgirls or Babel or whatever was more of a crowd pleaser? Could it be that awards typically go to films that are bigger financial successes? Could it be Disney didn’t do a big awards push due to recent controversial statements by said director? Could it be that awards organizations might be a bit squeamish with gratuitous violence like beheadings and cannibalism? Could it be a lot of Jews in Hollywood don’t want to recognize someone who recently accused them of being instigators of “all of the wars in the world?”

Clearly not. Clearly it’s another conspiracy from the bleeding hearts who don’t like Mel Gibson’s “conservative politics.”


To be sure, his anti-Semitic comment was indefensible. Even he would say that, I think, as he has offered no defense for it.

To say he can't be a devout Christian because he has been caught drunk-driving is also not of Christian doctrine. If you educate yourself on Christianity, you will find that everyone sins, and no man should be judged for those sins. Of course, Hollywood judges him and other conservatives when they mispronounce the word "nuclear."

I do appreciate your comment, though. I didn't mean that Hollywood shuns Christians, but rather, as I said, they don't like his religious and conservative politics, which he wears on his sleeve.

Tim Wilson

It's obvious that the "darkness" that the reviewer was referring too wasn't Gibson's supposed Christian faith, but more likely his public humiliation due to drunk driving and anti-Semitic remarks.

Also, it should be noted that "Hollywood" or people in general don't dislike Mel Gibson because he's a devout Christian. That would be impossible because he's not a devout Christian. I don't think any form of Christianity condones drunk driving, hating Jews or using the term "sugar tits".

I don't know anything about your personal religious beliefs, but your inability to differentiate between Christianity and anti-Semitism is offensive to Christians and Jews.

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