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November 01, 2006



Hello, my Dear......Tell me , what my photo doing there?....??


Hi my dear......Tell me, what our photos doing there?..>Adult Dating


Hi there ...My nick is Chelsea28.....wanna see me? ...> ENTER HERE!!! Tell me, have I exactly 90-60-90?
I'm the burning brunette and passionately loving men

Adam Smith

Well, get over yourselves ya little hos. Well you call each other that. That says somthing ya dumb asses. Make a statement and be smart. Give the world what you have with out being a dip shit!. Love ya all...


I really don't see that comment as offensive. Being bisexual myself, I use the word in that manner too.

Besides...the comment was pretty gay.

While I appreciate that the network is trying to be sensitive to the GLBT community, I think they're over reacting a bit.

The guy made a slip, and he's apologized for it. I don't see the community rising up and demanding his job, etc.

A better choice of words next time will do him fine


Your website is a joke. How old are you now? Get a real job already.


Are you incapable of not being a jackass?

What if he had said that the guy held the ball like a n***** holds a watermelon?

You really are a joke of a human being.

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