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December 20, 2005



I couldn't agree more....the latest proposal from the MTA was pretty good...I have no sympathy for company just froze our pension benefits, and we are ever so grateful if we even see an annual raise any where near 3%....I'm sure many would line up to replace them.

Matthew Schooler

Do we even need unions in this overly government regulated era we live? It was needed during the times of child labor and when big business was paying pennies to work for a day’s labor. Today it seems the Union Bosses job is to collect money, pay themselves, and rub elbows with the liberal elite. What a scam! This of course is an over simplified version of the truth...but what really is the purpose of the union now? Today it seems their purpose is to stop traffic and complain. Last month their purpose was to spend huge amounts of union dues to stop a historic election here in California to secure their jobs. Not much of a profession. I agree fire the lazy people and hire people who want to work for less of a wage. People who would be grateful to have a job.

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