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March 13, 2007



Anyway ... just like in the black community ... now that liberal movements have set homosexuals free ... a group of the new group will work to gain acceptance as the conservative wing for greater acceptance, power, access and cash - oh yeah also because of ego issues like this fucker.


"He made a statement of his own beliefs in a way which was not denigrating to gay people."

What confused person could have written and believe that a top federal official saying homosexuality is immoral is not denigrating to gay people.

THE ONLY reason to say this IS to denegrate homosexuals and keep them in their place - if you really think he was sharing his own code of behavior he would have said IN MY BELIEF SYSTEM I thing that is an immoral choice for ME. But he wasnt he was making a blanket statement.

Just like the Islamic taxi drivers who refuse to take immoral people for rides because they have bottles of alcohol in their bags. They find that immoral.


So CYD just does not like the SCREAMING GAYS ... he likes to be POLITE and liked I guess.

What an asshole.
I believe in the black community this type of person was called a "stepin fetchin" stereotype... or a "house boy" ... yess massa ..


yeh we recently talked about Dungy's run ins with gay activists groups over at Highbrid Nation. I feel kinda bad for him because it puts in in a awkward position.

Landon Bryce

I also think people were wrong to jump all over Pace. He made a statement of his own beliefs in a way which was not denigrating to gay people. He compared homosexuality to adultery, not bestiality or addiction. I think the gay community should praise Pace for serving as a model of how one can respectfully acknowledge moral objections to homosexuality.

I also agree that Dungy should be encouraged to speak his mind on homosexuality. That said, I also think those who are protesting his decision to support bigots are serving an important function: we must continue to let people know that we spend money and we must be better about not giving it to people who work against us.



Fair enough. I think I didn't write my post very well. I don't mean they shouldn't criticize Pace, but rather that singling him out because he voiced the rationale behind the law seems odd. I would also like the law overturned. I'm going to rethink and edit my post, as I certainly don't want it to seem like I'm criticizing HRC for trying to overturn the discriminatory policy. Thanks for your insight!

Tim Wilson

So a FOTF "reporter" makes an unfair and incorrect assumption about where you stand on an issue, and you blame gays? Cyd, if a person doesn't bother to look at people as individuals and choses to make a generalization, I don't see how it's anyone's fault but theirs.

I'm not president of the HRC fan club, but to answer your question "How can Solmonese and HRC with a straight face attack a man for supporting a law that is on the books?" I'd say that it's pretty easy for anyone to attack General Pace's support of discriminatory law.

Many industrialized nations allow gays to serve openly, including some that have a presence in Iraq and Afganistan. Maybe I've missed it, but I haven't noticed any reports on it negatively affecting their overall performance.

It's an unjust rule that perpetuates shame and secrecy that could even lead to blackmail. None of that has any place in our military. It's the duty of anyone who believes that to call out those in power for their stupidity.

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