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February 14, 2007



I talk about my reaction to the stuff on the Web site in my column here:

I had no problem with any of it, and I thought many people who were complaining were really twisting what was on that site.

DJ Bunny

Snickers commercial!?!?! What about the Ford commercial where the robot dreams about killing itself. In the meantime Ford is closing plants and laying off people. How comforting is the ad to Ford employees?


You've written a couple of times about this issue, but I've missed it if you've discussed your reaction to the Website material. I didn't think the commercial was offensive at all, but the bashing one on the Website and the spotlight on the player's reactions were pretty gross. Any comments on those?


One always knows there's no real argument from the other once labeled "self-loathing". Tiresome.


I still love ya, don't let the gayzi's get you down. Thanks for all you've done and are doing, it's a real ray of sunlight in the gay blog world.

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