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January 19, 2007


dj bunny

why is everyone poo-pooing little miss sunshine? it was entertaining. it was a slice of life. and the end dance scene took us out of the mundane, expected life that so many of us pursue as soon as the alarm clock reads 6.30 a.m.


1) United 93
This has gotten great reviews, but I just do not want to watch it. I'm curious if they did anything about the gay Berkeley rugby player though....

2) Apocalypto

3) The Devil Wears Prada

I loved this pic. It's a fresh young person out-of-college with first difficult boss. Although I re-watched it on video and did not find it quite as strong. Streep should probably win the oscar.

4) The Children of Men
5) The Queen

Totally unexpectedly excellent.


6) Flags of our Fathers
7) Notes on a Scandal
8) Pan's Labyrinth

Super curious about this one.

9) Bobby
10) Dreamgirls
I saw the musical with my 'rents in the 80s...hard for a movie to recreate.


11) The Departed

I am not a mobster/Sopranos lover, but this film rocked. Loved it!

12) Thank You For Smoking

Hmmmm. Not bad, but not near top 10. I thought the satire was a little too obvious.

13) Babel

Liked this film a lot. I could not keep my eyes off of it. Totally interested. I thought it was compassionate to everyone in it. It was a great reflection on world culture. Not sure if it said much though - just because you can interconnect great stories does not mean much - a la 'Crash'.

14) Letters from Iwo Jima
15) Little Children
16) The DaVinci Code

It's just a good story. Very well focus group tested in print.

17) Inside Man
18) Glory Road
19) The Prestige
20) An Inconvenient Truth


21) Casino Royale
22) Pirates: Dead Man's Chest
23) Akeelah and the Bee
24) The Descent
Loved this horror flick. Bet is a lesbian favorite!

Totally agree with all of these reviews - not great/not bad. Although Daniel Craig is sexy as all hell.


25) Little Miss Sunshine

Way over-rated. And I love road movies. Love Thelma and Louise. But until the beauty pagent, I just did not see it. It was not fun and giddy and exploring. It was sucking time from my life.

26) X-Men: The Last Stand
27) World Trade Center
28) Borat

C'mon. Borat rocks. Love it. It is cruel and unkind - much more Anti-American than Babel. I mean the South, NYC and Pam Anderson are crucified. But how he makes fun of people is great. The process is as good as the output.

29) Superman Returns

This was awful.

30) Charlotte's Web

Tim Wilson

I too concur on the Little Miss Sunshine consensus here. Waaaaay overrated. Though I think it did have some decent acting despite a really hacky script.


Hi Cyd,

On this we agree: "Little Miss Sunshine" sucked.

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